Remove Radon From Your Water

Remove Radon From Your Water

Schedule your radon removal service with Radon Technologies LLC in Chelsea, ME, Augusta, ME and Central Maine

Did you know that radon kills ten times more people per year than house fires? Get rid of the poisonous gas in your water supply by arranging for a radon removal service from Radon Technologies LLC.

After assessing the issue, we will design and install a system gauranteed to lower your radon water levels to acceptable levels.

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Find out more about our treatment options

If there are high levels of radon in your water, get help from the radon mitigation experts at Radon Technologies.

We'll consider all the factors to decide on a treatment option that works best for your needs.

We use BubbleUp aeration: 

  • Aeration removes up to 99% radon in water
  • Low maintenance high efficieny radon removal 

  • ...while an aeration treatment uses air to separate the radon from water.

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