Radon Myth vs. Fact

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Myth: Radon is not really dangerous
Fact: Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States and the leading cause of lung cancer amongst non smokers. Radon kills approximately 21,000 people in the United States every year, 2,900 of those are non smokers. Nearly ten times as many people are killed by radon than in fires.

Myth: Only old homes have radon.
Fact: Radon can be found in almost any home. Old homes, new homes, homes with foundations and homes on slabs can all have high levels of radon.

Myth: Only house build on granite have radon problems.
Fact: Radon can be found in house built on blasted granite, over granite outcroppings, gravel, sand, and even clay soils.

Myth: My neighbors’ house had low radon levels so mine is ok.
Fact: Radon levels can very greatly from house to house even if the houses are very close and of similar construction.

Myth: We’ve lived here for 25 years and we are fine.
Fact: Radon related health risk continue to rise as long as you are exposed to the high radon levels. Mitigating high radon levels even after years of exposure will lower your risk of contracting lung cancer.

Myth: We can just seal the floor to prevent radon from coming in.
Fact: Sealants are not an effective method of treatment for high radon levels and the sealants become increasingly less effective over time.

Myth: Radon testing takes a long time and is very expensive.
Fact: Radon test can take as little as 48 hours,  can be conducted while you continue to live in your home and are very affordable.